Shaw Serves as Panelist at NACWAA 2016 Rally


Marissa Pollick

Proud to attend the excellent panel presentation at the NACWAA Rally yesterday, featuring my Shumaker colleague Dana Drew Shaw, along with a packed room of women athletic administrators. The topic, Legal Aspects of Sport Supervision, led to an important discussion and analysis of the major areas of legal concern in collegiate athletic departments today, together with constructive solutions.

The panel clearly outlined legal issues involving Title IX sexual assault compliance, alleged abuse by coaches, and student-athlete welfare, as important areas of concern. Significant takeaways from her presentation include the necessity for education and training of coaches and administrators in these areas, clear written policies and procedures, as well as open and enhanced communication among administrators, coaches, and student-athletes regarding conduct and expectations. Our Shumaker team can assist with legal review and guidance in all of these areas.


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