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New Amendments to FIFA RSTP Regulations

Shumaker is pleased to share this FIFA news from our colleagues at Globaladvocaten.

maracana-stadium-brazilBased on a cooperation agreement executed between FIFA and FIFPro (the World Players’ Union), in autumn 2017, FIFA amended its Regulations on the Status and Transfer of players, which has had a substantial impact on contractual relationships between clubs and (professional) football players.

Among the improvements agreed upon were several changes regarding dispute resolution between players and clubs, particularly for decisions in cases of overdue payables, as well as new provisions to avoid the abusive conduct of parties, such as players being forced to train alone.

As a consequence, the amended FIFA Regulations on the Status and Transfer of Players, effective as of 1 June 2018, include a provision that the abusive conduct of a party forcing the other to terminate a contract or amend its terms entitles the other party to terminate the contract with “just cause” (art. 14(2)). This article should tackle the practice of clubs marginalizing players, forcing them to train alone and using otherwise unsavory methods to force players to accept contractual terminations or pay cuts, although a player might be guilty of abusive conduct as well.

Read the rest of this article on Globaladvocaten’s website found here.


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