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Making Sense of College Coaching Contracts

“In addition to the growing financial commitments involved, negotiating college coaching contracts has become a far more complex procedure for both parties due to the non-standardized nature of each process and outcome. Unlike professional athletes and actors that collectively bargain for certain rights, every single coaching contract is a unique agreement unto-itself. Understanding the nuances […]

Supreme Court Finds Cheerleading Uniforms Copyrightable in Landmark Apparel Copyright Case

In the first apparel copyright case ever considered by the U.S. Supreme Court, Star Athletica, LLC v. Varsity Brands, Inc., the high court found on March 22, 2017 that decorative elements of a cheerleading uniform could be protected by copyright law. Varsity Brands Inc., the country’s largest cheerleading supplier, sued Star Athletica LLC, an upstart […]

Shaw Serves as Panelist at NACWAA 2016 Rally

Proud to attend the excellent panel presentation at the NACWAA Rally yesterday, featuring my Shumaker colleague Dana Drew Shaw, along with a packed room of women athletic administrators. The topic, Legal Aspects of Sport Supervision, led to an important discussion and analysis of the major areas of legal concern in collegiate athletic departments today, together […]

Hedging Coaching Staff Bonuses

As universities invest more and more money in college sports, it makes sense that their athletic departments explore creative ways to hedge these investments.  But in doing so, athletic departments should remember that a hedge is only as valuable as the risk it covers. Simply stated, a hedge is any investment that insures another investment.  […]

Sports Law Attorney Joins Shumaker’s Toledo Office

Sports law attorney and Title IX consultant Marissa W. Pollick has joined the Toledo, Ohio, office of the full-service business law firm Shumaker, Loop and Kendrick, LLP, as Of Counsel. She is a graduate, with high distinction, of the University of Michigan and the University of Michigan Law School. Pollick, who has more than 30 […]

Recent Changes to the Trade Embargo May Facilitate Cuban Baseball Players Being Able to Legally Play for MLB Teams

Last week, President Obama authorized the elimination of a ban on Cuban access to the international banking system, which in turn would allow a Cuban national to make a living in the United States without requiring that person to emigrate. As a result, the door now is open for Cuban baseball players to legally play […]

Keeping it Clean in Houston: Hosting Major Sporting Events and Clean Zone Ordinances

Now that the sun has set on Super Bowl 50—and probably on the career of sure Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning as well–Houston anxiously awaits the opportunity to host the 2017 event, as well as the NCAA Men’s Final Four in April. Events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four are the culmination […]