Bennett H. Speyer
Speyer_Bennett_1Bennett Speyer serves as legal counsel for elite level college and professional coaches, athletic directors, conference commissioners, as well as executives in the sports and entertainment industry.  Working collaboratively with their agents, financial advisors and accountants, Bennett emphasizes structuring their contracts in a manner to achieve future financial security by utilizing tax efficient compensation, including appropriately designed deferred compensation arrangements, and that their contracts provide well considered protections given the risks and uncertainties endemic to this industry.  These clients also rely upon Bennett for advice developing and implementing their estate plans and philanthropic objectives, and participation in outside business ventures.

Seth P. Traub
Traub_SethSeth Traub represents corporate and individual clients in general business and litigation.  At the University of Florida, Seth received a master’s degree in sports management in addition to his juris doctorate, and was a sports reporter for the Miami Herald and the Florida Times-Union and editor of the Independent Florida Alligator.  Seth was also Vice President of the Entertainment and Sports Law Society, a member of Florida Blue Key, and the Student Works Editors for the Florida Law Review.

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