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Hedging Coaching Staff Bonuses

As universities invest more and more money in college sports, it makes sense that their athletic departments explore creative ways to hedge these investments.  But in doing so, athletic departments should remember that a hedge is only as valuable as the risk it covers. Simply stated, a hedge is any investment that insures another investment.  […]

March Madness and March Sadness – Postseason Bans End Season Prematurely for Seniors

Time to Queue up “One Shining Moment” and enjoy the wild and bumpy ride that is March Madness! For college basketball fans it is time to watch closely as brackets get busted and see if the right “5-12 seed” upset was selected.  Unpredictability is the defining characteristic of March Madness; however, for 2016 there are […]

Keeping it Clean in Houston: Hosting Major Sporting Events and Clean Zone Ordinances

Now that the sun has set on Super Bowl 50—and probably on the career of sure Hall of Fame quarterback Peyton Manning as well–Houston anxiously awaits the opportunity to host the 2017 event, as well as the NCAA Men’s Final Four in April. Events like the Super Bowl and the Final Four are the culmination […]

The Buck Stops Here: Head Coach Responsibility and Guidelines from the Boeheim Case

“The buck stops here.” This is a common adage used when talking about responsibility for actions undertaken by a person or someone associated with that person. For all coaches and especially college head coaches, “the buck” literally stops with them. Collegiate head coaches bear ultimate responsibility for almost all actions undertaken by members of their […]

Student-Athlete Benefits – the Insurance Component

Injuries to high profile athletes consistently make the headlines, including this year where potential Heisman candidates Nick Chub (University of Georgia) and Seth Russell (Baylor University) have both suffered season ending injuries.  So how can a student-athlete protect themselves when an injury occurs?  One of the first steps is understanding the insurance component of collegiate athletics.

O’Bannon Opinion – A Mixed Message to the World of College Sports

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals entered a landmark decision in the O’Bannon v. National Collegiate Athletic Association case on Wednesday, affirming the right of student-athletes to receive a full cost of attendance scholarship, but reversing a prior decision that allowed them to receive further compensation. At first look, it appeared that the decision was […]

Graduate Transfer Rule – College Athletics Version of Free-Agency

In college athletics, a student-athlete who wishes to transfer between four-year, Football Bowl Subdivision (FBS) universities must sit out a full year before participating in athletics at a new school. Traditionally, this rule was meant to encourage an academic focus based on research that shows graduation rates were higher for student-athletes who remained at one […]