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O’Bannon’s End: Supreme Court Rejects Appellate Review

The lawsuit against the NCAA over whether Division I men’s basketball and football players can be compensated for the commercial use of their names, images and likenesses came to an abrupt end on Monday as the U.S. Supreme Court denied petitions by both O’Bannon and the NCAA to review the case. The Supreme Court’s decision […]

Athletics Leadership and LGBTQ: Suggested Best Practices and Guiding Principles

Until recently, all lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (“LGBTQ”) student-athletes, collegiate coaches, and administrators were expected to keep their sexual orientation or non-conforming gender identity hidden. Social views of LGBTQ individuals are slowly becoming more tolerant and positive and it is becoming less acceptable, even illegal, to harass or discriminate against LGBTQ student-athletes, coaches […]

Scandals, Investigations, and Media Scrutiny – The Need for Proactive Policies and Procedures in Athletics Departments

With the college football season set to kick off, most attention will turn to wins and losses rather than the off-field issues that place universities and athletic departments in the media spotlight. However, with the increase of internal investigations stemming from Title IX issues of abuse and harassment, matters of student-athlete welfare, and discrimination allegations […]

O’Bannon Update: NCAA and O’Bannon seek Supreme Court review

The fight over pay-for-play rules steamed ahead this month as the NCAA joined the O’Bannon plaintiffs’ request that the United States Supreme Court reconsider the ruling of the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, albeit for different reasons. In March, O’Bannon sought review of the part of the Ninth Circuit’s ruling that found the NCAA did […]

March Madness and March Sadness – Postseason Bans End Season Prematurely for Seniors

Time to Queue up “One Shining Moment” and enjoy the wild and bumpy ride that is March Madness! For college basketball fans it is time to watch closely as brackets get busted and see if the right “5-12 seed” upset was selected.  Unpredictability is the defining characteristic of March Madness; however, for 2016 there are […]

The Buck Stops Here: Head Coach Responsibility and Guidelines from the Boeheim Case

“The buck stops here.” This is a common adage used when talking about responsibility for actions undertaken by a person or someone associated with that person. For all coaches and especially college head coaches, “the buck” literally stops with them. Collegiate head coaches bear ultimate responsibility for almost all actions undertaken by members of their […]

Student-Athlete Benefits – the Insurance Component

Injuries to high profile athletes consistently make the headlines, including this year where potential Heisman candidates Nick Chub (University of Georgia) and Seth Russell (Baylor University) have both suffered season ending injuries.  So how can a student-athlete protect themselves when an injury occurs?  One of the first steps is understanding the insurance component of collegiate athletics.